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Final consultations on the Peel Watershed Land Use Plan

CPAWS Yukon and the Yukon Conservation Society are excited to see the Peel Watershed Final Recommended Plan reach the public consultation phase. Seven years after it was released by the Commission, the public will finally have the opportunity to provide meaningful input on the Final Recommended Plan, which protects 80% of the Peel Watershed. This is an opportunity for everyone to show support for right action by government and demonstrate that meaningful consultation is important to us.

What is the Final Recommended Plan?

The Final Recommended Plan was a compromise between many different visions for the Peel Watershed. It would provide permanent protection for 55% of the watershed (Special Management Area), interim protection for 25% (Wilderness Area), and open 20% of the watershed to industrial development (Integrated Management Areas). The interim protection will be revisited in about 10 years during a plan review.


CPAWS Yukon and Yukon Conservation Society would like to see protection for as much of the watershed as possible. In our comments, we will be asking for 80% permanent protection with the release of the Final Land Use Plan.

I want to see as much of the Peel protected as possible. What should I comment?

We encourage you to support the Final Recommended Plan, but ask for some slight modifications. These include:

  • Changing the 25% interim protection to permanent protection. This will bring more certainty to the region giving  the Peel 80% permanent protection - what the Commission had originally recommended.
  • Ask the government to be specific in how it plans on implementing the final plan, and what steps it will take to ensure it is followed properly.

How can I comment?

Comments can be submitted online until November 19, 2018 at This is the LAST chance that the public can provide this input. There will also be public meetings in many Yukon and NWT communities. These meetings will have a variety of representatives (consultation organizers, Yukon Government representatives, and affected First Nation representatives), who can answer questions, provide information, and accept submissions. Visit to see when they will be visiting you.

What happens after the Final Consultation?

After these consultations, the Government will release the Final Peel Watershed Land Use Plan. This plan will address the concerns raised during this consultation period. Yukon Government is hoping to release this plan in January 2019.

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