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Final Plan

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The day has finally arrived! After 27 years of campaigning to protect the Peel, we finally got to see the signing of the Peel Watershed Regional Land Use Plan in Mayo on August 22nd 2019. 

What does the final plan look like?

  • 55% permanent protection, called Special Management Areas
  • 25% interim protection, called Wilderness Areas
  • 3% interim protection for threatened boreal caribou, called Wilderness Areas-Boreal Caribou
  • 17% open to various levels of development

In total the Peel will have 83% protection! That's 55,858 square kilometres of new protected areas in the Yukon! 






Also included in the plan is the addition of joint implementation between Yukon Government and the Peel First Nations. All parties must agree before making any changes to the Wilderness Areas. This is a great bar to set in the Yukon, and ensures that Yukon Government and Peel First Nations will implement every part of the plan together!

The 'Protect the Peel' campaign has seen many ups and downs over the years. Through it all, you have shown up to rallies and events, you've written letters and signed petitions. You've stuck with us for nearly three decades as we shared stories from the land. Your support never wavered. In fact, about 3000 people commented during the final consultations of 2018 - nearly eight years after the Final Recommended Plan was released!


Through the journey, we've recognized the desire to protect the Yukon's wonderful landscapes and the wildlife that call it home. That's something we'll continue to do. There's a lot of momentum to protect the Yukon, and we encourage you to join us and ride the wave. 


Party for the Peel

Party for the Peel—A celebration decades in the making. Friday September 27th

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