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We’ve come a long way in three years.

Three years ago to this day, legal action was launched as YCS and CPAWS Yukon joined forces with the First Nation of Nacho Nyak Dun and the Tr'ondëk Hwëch'in to take the government to court over its betrayal of the land use planning process and its plans to develop this unspoiled watershed ecosystem steeped in cultural history.

Yukon Government files written argument with Supreme Court: CPAWS and YCS Statement

The Yukon Government has filed its legal argument with the Supreme Court of Canada for the Peel Watershed case. Despite presenting an opposing argument to the Supreme Court, CPAWS and YCS are confident the government will follow through with its election promise for the Peel. 

Voters make Peel one of the top election issues in 2016

The Peel watershed was one of the top issues of the 2016 territorial election. Yukon Conservation Society and CPAWS Yukon encouraged all political parties to take a strong stand for protecting the Peel and upholding the integrity of the First Nations Final Agreements. 

New Yukon Government elected on strong Peel promise

Sandy Silver's Yukon Liberal Party has been elected to form government. The Liberals were explicit during the election campaign about their intentions to accept the original Final Recommended Plan for the Peel, which includes 80% wilderness protection. 

Peel Watershed one step closer to Ottawa

The First Nations and environmental groups have filed their written arguments with the Supreme Court of Canada and now await the Yukon Government to submit its factum later this year. The hearing is scheduled for March 22, 2017. 

Threatened Wilderness: Protect the Peel Gallery in the Guardian

In September 2016, the globally-read UK newspaper the Guardian featured a stunning gallery of Peel Watershed images.

Yukoners gather to mark a watershed moment

Yukoners gathered in Whitehorse on June 21 to mark the Supreme Court of Canada's decision to hear the Peel Watershed case. Communities joined in via Livestream as the leadership from the First Nations and conservation organizations spoke about the importance of this decision. 

Peel case headed to the Supreme Court of Canada

On June 9th, the Supreme Court of Canada announced that it had granted the First Nations and environmental groups leave to appeal the decision by the Yukon Court of Appeal. The case will be heard in 2017. This confirms that the matter is of national and public importance. The decision will set a precedent for land use planning across the territory and the country. 

Application for leave to appeal to be filed with Supreme Court of Canada

The First Nations and conservation groups have announced that they will be applying for leave to appeal the recent Yukon Court of Appeal's decision to the Supreme Court of Canada. The current ruling allows the government a do-over on its misconduct and leaves the Peel vulnerable to development. 

Court of Appeal upholds integrity of Final Agreements while Sending Peel Back to the Drawing Board

The Yukon Court of Appeal issued its ruling, upholding the Supreme Court's finding that the government violated its constitutional obligations and failed to act in the spirit of reconciliation. However, it issued a new remedy, sending the consultation back to an earlier stage, which is a major step back for land use planning and leaves the Peel at risk. 

Peel watershed supporters brave pouring rain for water ceremony

In pouring rain 200 supporters arrived at the steps to the Yukon Law Court, yesterday, where the Peel Watershed Case is underway, to participate in a one hour long Water Celebration for the Peel.

The fight to protect the Peel returns to the Court of Appeal this week

Find out how you can stay engaged and informed as the Peel case is heard by the Court of Appeal. 

Yukon Government to appeal Supreme Court decision on Peel

The Yukon Government announced late yesterday that they would appeal Justice Veale’s decision in The First Nation of Nacho Nyak Dun et. al. v The Government of Yukon. 

A victory for the Peel watershed

The Yukon Supreme Court ruled in favour of the First Nations and environmental groups, upholding the integrity of the Final Agreements and sending the consultation back the final stage, which constrains the government from making modifications to the proportion of protection and development in the Peel watershed. 

Yukon Supreme Court hearing on Peel watershed begins

Thomas R. Berger, O.C., Q.C. will argue a landmark constitutional case against the Government of Yukon on behalf of two Yukon First Nations and two environmental organizations in Yukon Supreme Court in Whitehorse, July 7-11, 2014.

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